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Siemens SINAMICS G130 Operating Instructions Manual page 8

Terminal module 150 (tm150)
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Safety information
1.1 General safety instructions
Danger to life when live parts are touched on damaged devices
Improper handling of devices can cause damage.
For damaged devices, hazardous voltages can be present at the enclosure or at exposed
components; if touched, this can result in death or severe injury.
• Ensure compliance with the limit values specified in the technical data during transport,
• Do not use any damaged devices.
Danger to life through electric shock due to unconnected cable shields
Hazardous touch voltages can occur through capacitive cross-coupling due to unconnected
cable shields.
• As a minimum, connect cable shields and the cores of power cables that are not used at
Danger to life due to electric shock when not grounded
For missing or incorrectly implemented protective conductor connection for devices with
protection class I, high voltages can be present at open, exposed parts, which when
touched, can result in death or severe injury.
• Ground the device in compliance with the applicable regulations.
Danger to life due to electric shock when opening plug connections in operation
When opening plug connections in operation, arcs can result in severe injury or death.
• Only open plug connections when the equipment is in a voltage-free state, unless it has
Danger to life due to fire spreading if the housing is inadequate
Fire and smoke can cause severe injury or material damage.
• Install devices without a protective housing in a metal control cabinet (or protect the
• Ensure that smoke can escape via designated paths.
storage and operation.
one end at the grounded housing potential.
been explicitly stated that they can be opened in operation.
device by another equivalent measure) in such a way that contact with fire inside and
outside the device is prevented.
Terminal Module 150 (TM150)
Operating Instructions, 04/2014, A5E03758735A



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