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Safety Information; General Safety Instructions - Siemens SINAMICS G130 Operating Instructions Manual

Terminal module 150 (tm150)
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Safety information


General safety instructions

Danger to life due to live parts and other energy sources
Death or serious injury can result when live parts are touched.
• Only work on electrical equipment if you are appropriately qualified.
• Always observe the country-specific safety rules for all work.
Generally, six steps apply when establishing safety:
1. Prepare for shutdown and notify all those who will be affected by the procedure.
2. Disconnect the machine from the supply.
3. Identify all other dangerous energy sources, e.g. compressed air, hydraulic systems or
4. Isolate or neutralize all hazardous energy sources by closing switches, grounding or
5. Take measures to prevent reconnection of the energy sources.
6. Ensure that the correct machine is completely interlocked.
After you have completed the work, restore the operational readiness by following the
above steps in the reverse order.
Danger to life through a hazardous voltage when connecting an unsuitable power supply
Death or serious injury can result when live parts are touched in the event of a fault.
• Only use power supplies that provide SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) or PELV
Terminal Module 150 (TM150)
Operating Instructions, 04/2014, A5E03758735A
– Switch off the machine.
– Wait until the discharge time specified on the warning labels has elapsed.
– Check that it really is in a zero-voltage state, from phase conductor to phase
conductor and phase conductor to protective conductor.
– Check that every auxiliary circuit is de-energized.
– Ensure that the motors cannot move.
short-circuiting or closing valves, for example.
(Protective Extra Low Voltage) output voltages for all connections and terminals of the
electronics modules.



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