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Safety Information - Siemens SINAMICS G130 Operating Instructions Manual

Terminal module 150 (tm150)
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General information

2.1 Safety information

Safety information
Danger to life if the fundamental safety instructions and remaining risks are not carefully
The non-observance of the fundamental safety instructions and residual risks stated in
Chapter 1 can result in accidents with severe injuries or death.
• Adhere to the fundamental safety instructions.
• When assessing the risk, take into account residual risks.
Fire hazard due to overheating because of inadequate ventilation clearances
Insufficient ventilation clearances result in overheating with danger to persons as a result of
smoke and fire. This can also result in more downtimes and reduced service lives of the
Terminal Module.
• For this reason, it is imperative that you maintain the 50 mm clearances above and
Device failure as a result of unshielded or incorrectly routed cables to temperature sensors
Unshielded or incorrectly routed cables to temperature sensors can result in interference
being coupled into the signal processing electronics from the power side. This can result in
significant disturbance of all signals (fault messages) up to failure of individual components
(destruction of the devices).
• Only use shielded cables as temperature sensor cables.
• If temperature sensor cables are routed together with the motor cable, use separately
• Connect the cable shield to ground potential through a large surface area.
• Recommendation: Use suitable Motion Connect cables.
Damage caused by the use of incorrect DRIVE-CLiQ cables
The use of incorrect or not released DRIVE-CLiQ cables can cause damage or functional
faults to devices or the system.
• Use only appropriate DRIVE-CLiQ cables that have been released by Siemens for the
below the Terminal Module.
shielded cables twisted in pairs.
associated use case.
Terminal Module 150 (TM150)
Operating Instructions, 04/2014, A5E03758735A



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