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Introduction; Overview Of Basic System; Hardware Features; Software Features - Honeywell Silent Knight INTELLIKNIGHT 5600 Installation And Operation Manual

Addressable fire control panel
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Section 1


The 5600 Fire Alarm Control / Communicator is an addressable fire control system that meets
the requirements of UL 864, ULC 527, and ULC 559. Unless otherwise indicated, all
references to 5600 also refer to 5600C and 5600HV.

Overview of Basic System


Hardware Features

The 5600 has one signaling line circuit (SLC) that supports 25 Honeywell Fire Systems
(HFS) or SK SLC devices, and one SBUS circuit that supports two remote annunicators.
2.0A of output power is available through 2 sets of terminals for notification appliance
circuits or 1.0A for auxiliary power applications. Each circuit is power limited per UL 864
and can source up to 2.0A
Note: Total output power for all three circuits must not exceed 2.0A.
Built-in dual phone line, digital alarm communicator/transmitter (DACT).
Reports events to central station by zone.
Two general purpose Form C programmable relays.
One Form C Trouble Relay.

Software Features

The 5600 is an addressable panel that operates like a 5 zone conventional panel.
Advanced addressable smoke detector features:
–Automatic drift compensation
–Maintenance alert region
–Point status meets calibrated smoke test requirements for NFPA 72
Auto learn "JumpStart" feature for easy programming.
A choice of output patterns available for notification outputs, including ANSI 3.41
temporal signal.
Built-in synchronization appliance support for Amseco, Gentex
, Wheelock
, or System


Table of Contents

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