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Problem Solving Guide; The Programme Does Not Start - Miele WDD320 SpeedCare 1400 Operating Instructions Manual

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Many malfunctions and faults that can occur in daily operation can be easily
remedied. Time and money will be saved because a service call will not be
The following guide may help you to find the reason for a malfunction or a fault,
and to correct it.

The programme does not start

The control panel re-
mains dark.
 and  alternately ap-
pear in the time display.
Cause and remedy
There is no power to the machine.
 Check whether the mains plug is plugged in and
switched on.
 Check whether the fuse or circuit breaker has
The washing machine has switched off automatically
to save energy.
 Switch the washing machine on again by turning
the programme selector.
The door is not closed properly. The door lock could
not engage.
 Close the door again.
 Start the programme again.
If the fault message appears again, contact the
Service Department.

Problem solving guide


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