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Add Detergent; Detergent Dispenser Drawer - Miele WDD320 SpeedCare 1400 Operating Instructions Manual

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Detergent dispenser drawer

Any detergent suitable for automatic
front loading washing machines can be
used. Please observe the instructions
for use and dosage on the detergent
Tips on dosing
Adjust the detergent dosage to the level
of soiling of the laundry and the size of
the load. Reduce the amount of deter-
gent with smaller loads (e.g. reduce the
amount of detergent by ⅓ when wash-
ing a half load).
Too little detergent:
– Results in laundry not being cleaned
properly and may cause it to become
grey and hard to the touch over time.
– Can lead to a build-up of mould in
the washing machine.
– Results in grease not being com-
pletely removed from the laundry.
– Can lead to limescale deposits on the
heater elements.
Too much detergent
– Causes poor wash, rinse, and spin
– Causes higher water consumption as
an extra rinse cycle is automatically
– Is a greater burden on the environ-

4. Add detergent

Adding detergent
 Pull out the detergent drawer and add
detergent to the compartments.
 Detergent for the pre-wash
 Detergent for the main wash and
Fabric softener, liquid starch, or

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