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Installation Surface; Transporting The Washing Machine To Its Installation Site; Removing The Transit Bars - Miele WDD320 SpeedCare 1400 Operating Instructions Manual

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Installation surface

A concrete floor is the most suitable in-
stallation surface. It is far less prone to
vibration during the spin cycle than
wooden floorboards or a carpeted sur-
Please note:
 The machine must be level and se-
curely positioned.
 To avoid vibrations during spinning,
the machine should not be installed
on soft floor coverings.
If installing on a wooden joist floor:
 Install the machine on a plywood
base (at least 59 x 52 x 3 cm). The
base should span several joists and
be bolted to the joists and not only to
the floorboards. Check for the pres-
ence of pipes and cables first.
Tip: If possible, install the machine in a
corner. This is usually the most stable
part of the floor.
Injury can occur if the washing
machine has not been adequately
During installation, the washing ma-
chine must be secured on a plinth to
be made available on site (concrete
or brick), in order to ensure it cannot
fall or slip.
Secure the washing machine using a
clamp/fastening bracket (MTS floor
mounting kit – available from your
Miele dealer or Miele spare parts de-
Installation and connection
Transporting the washing ma-
chine to its installation site
Danger of injury due to unsecure
Make sure the fixings at the back of
the lid are secure. Otherwise there is
a danger of the lid being pulled off
when carrying the machine.
Before carrying the machine check
that the lid is secure where it pro-
trudes at the back of the machine.
 Carry the washing machine by the
front feet and by the lid where it pro-
trudes at the back of the appliance.

Removing the transit bars

 Remove the left and right covers.
1. Pull off the transit bar covers and
2. then use a screwdriver to release the
catches at the top and bottom.

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