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End Of Programme - Unload The Drum - Miele WDD320 SpeedCare 1400 Operating Instructions Manual

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End of programme
The time display shows 0:00. The 
symbol will remain lit up in the control
panel. The door is locked in the anti-
crease phase.
 Touch the Start/Stop sensor.
The door will unlock and the symbol 
appears in the control panel.
 Pull open the door.
 Remove the laundry.
Energy savings
– Ten minutes after the beginning of the
anti-crease phase, the indicators dim
and the Start/Stop sensor starts
– Fifteen minutes after completion of
the anti-crease phase, the washing
machine is completely switched off
and the door lock lifted.

6. End of programme - unload the drum

Items left in the drum could discolour
other items in the next wash or be-
come discoloured themselves.
Remove all items from the drum.
 Check the folds in the door seal for
any small articles, e.g. buttons, which
might be lodged there.
Tip: Leave the door slightly open to al-
low the drum to dry.
 Turn the programme selector to the 
position. This switches the washing
machine off.
 If applicable, remove the used cap-
sule from the detergent dispensing
Tip: Leave the detergent dispenser
drawer slightly open to allow it to dry.

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