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General Problems With The Washing Machine - Miele WDD320 SpeedCare 1400 Operating Instructions Manual

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Problem solving guide

General problems with the washing machine

The washing machine
The machine shakes
during the spin cycle.
The laundry has not
been spun properly and
is still wet.
Strange pump noises
can be heard.
Large amounts of deter-
gent residue remain in
the detergent dispenser
Cause and remedy
The  indicator light was ignored. A wash pro-
gramme using a temperature above 60 °C has not
been run for a long time.
 In order to prevent bacteria and unpleasant odours
building up in the washing machine, run the Cot-
tons 90 °C programme using Miele machine
cleaner or a universal powder detergent.
The door and the detergent dispenser drawer were
left open after washing.
 Leave the door and the detergent dispenser
drawer slightly open to allow them to dry.
The machine feet are not level.
 Level the machine and adjust the feet correctly.
The machine detected an imbalance during the final
spin cycle and reduced the spin speed automatically.
 Include both large and small items in the load as
this will give better distribution during spinning.
This is not a fault.
These slurping noises occur at the end of the pump
sequence as a normal part of operation.
The water pressure is too low.
 Clean the water inlet filter.
 It may be useful to select the Water plus option.
Powder detergent used in conjunction with water
softeners tends to become sticky.
 In future, add washing powder into the dispenser
drawer first, and then add the water softener.

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