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Cleaning And Care; Cleaning The Drum (Hygiene Info); Cleaning The External Casing And The Control Panel; Cleaning The Detergent Dispenser Drawer - Miele WDD320 SpeedCare 1400 Operating Instructions Manual

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Cleaning and care

Cleaning the drum
(Hygiene info)
Washing at low temperatures and/or us-
ing liquid detergent can cause bacteria
and unpleasant odours to build up in
the washing machine. Use the Cottons
90 °C programme to clean the machine.
Run this programme at the latest when
the  indicator lights up.
Cleaning the external casing
and the control panel
Risk of electric shock!
Mains voltage is present when the
washing machine is switched off
Disconnect the machine from the
electricity supply before cleaning or
Risk of damage due to ingress of
The pressure of a water jet can
cause water to get into the washing
machine, resulting in damage to
Do not spray the washing machine
with a water jet.
 Clean the casing and control panel
with a mild cleaning agent or soap
and water and dry both with a soft
 The drum can be cleaned using a
suitable stainless steel cleaning agent
following the manufacturer's instruc-
tions on the packaging.
Damage caused by cleaning
Solvent based cleaning agents, ab-
rasive cleaners, glass cleaners or
multi-purpose cleaning agents can
cause damage to plastic surfaces
and other parts.
Do not use any of these cleaning
Cleaning the detergent dis-
penser drawer
Washing at low temperatures and the
use of liquid detergent can lead to a
build-up of mould and bacteria in the
detergent dispenser drawer.
 For hygiene reasons, clean the entire
drawer at regular intervals.
 Pull out the detergent dispenser
drawer until a resistance is felt. Press
down the release button and at the
same time pull the drawer right out of
the machine.
 Clean the drawer with hot water.

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