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Miele WDD320 SpeedCare 1400 Operating Instructions Manual page 47

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Cleaning the siphon tube and the
Liquid starch can cause the siphon
to become clogged. Make sure that
you clean the siphon and siphon
tube particularly thoroughly after us-
ing liquid starch a few times.
 Clean the siphon.
1. Remove the siphon from the  com-
partment and rinse under hot running
water. Clean the siphon tube at the
same time.
2. Replace the siphon.
 Clean the fabric conditioner channel
with a brush and hot water.
Cleaning and care
Cleaning the detergent dispenser
drawer housing
 Use a bottle brush to remove deter-
gent residues and limescale from the
jets inside the detergent dispenser
drawer housing.
 Replace the detergent dispenser
Tip: Leave the detergent dispenser
drawer slightly open to allow it to dry.

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