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Miele WDD320 SpeedCare 1400 Operating Instructions Manual page 29

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To omit the final spin (Rinse
 Touch the  sensor (rinse hold).
The laundry is not spun after the final
rinse and remains in the final rinse wa-
ter. This helps prevent creasing if the
laundry is not going to be removed from
the drum immediately after the end of
the programme.
After the end of a programme
The sensor for the optimum spin
speed lights up in the control panel.
You can change the spin speed. The
Start/Stop sensor lights up, flashing.
 Start the final spin:
touch the flashing Start/Stop sensor
The final spin is carried out.
 End the programme:
touch the flashing Start/Stop sensor
The water will drain away.
To omit rinse and interim spin
and the final spin
 Touch the  sensor.
After the last rinse, the water will be
pumped away and the anti-crease
phase will switch in.
In some programmes an additional rinse
is introduced with this setting.

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