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Cleaning The Water Inlet Filter - Miele WDD320 SpeedCare 1400 Operating Instructions Manual

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Cleaning and care

Cleaning the water inlet filter

The washing machine has two filters to
protect the inlet valve. You should in-
spect the filters approximately every 6
months, or more often if there are fre-
quent interruptions to the external water
Cleaning the filter in the inlet hose
 First turn off the stopcock.
 Unscrew the inlet hose from the stop-
 Remove the rubber seal 1 from the
 Using pointed pliers, take hold of the
plastic filter bar 2 and remove it.
 Clean the filter.
 Reassemble in reverse order.
Cleaning the filter in the inlet valve
 Using pliers, carefully loosen the
ribbed plastic nut on the inlet valve
and unscrew it.
 Use pointed nose pliers to withdraw
the plastic filter by the bar.
 Clean the filter.
 Reassemble in reverse order.
The two filters must be put back in
place after cleaning.
 Screw the threaded union securely
back onto the stopcock.
 Open the stopcock.
Make sure there is no water leaking
from the threaded union.
Tighten the threaded union.

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