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Before Using For The First Time; Protective Foil And Stickers Removal - Miele WDD320 SpeedCare 1400 Operating Instructions Manual

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Before using for the first time

Damage resulting from incorrect
installation and connection.
Installing and connecting the wash-
ing machine incorrectly will cause
serious property damage.
See "Installation and connection".
Protective foil and stickers re-
 Remove:
– The protective foil from the door
– Any stickers from the front and the lid
Please do not remove any labels
(e.g. the data plate) which are visible
when you open the door.
Remove the drain hose elbow
from the drum
An elbow piece for the drain hose is
stored in the drum.
 Reach under the door grip and pull
the door open.
 Remove the elbow piece.
 Shut the door with a gentle swing.
This washing machine has undergone
a complete functional test at the fact-
ory and there will be some residual
water in the drum from this process.
For safety reasons, spinning is not pos-
sible until the machine has been pre-
pared for using for the first time. To ac-
tivate the spinning function you must
run a wash programme without laundry
and without detergent.
Using detergent could result in an ex-
cessive build-up of foam.
This also activates the ball valve. The
ball valve prevents detergent escaping
from the suds container into the sump
during a wash programme, thus making
maximum use of the detergent.

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