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Opening The Door In The Event Of A Blocked Drain Outlet And/Or Power Cut - Miele WDD320 SpeedCare 1400 Operating Instructions Manual

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Problem solving guide
Opening the door in the event
of a blocked drain outlet and/
or power cut
 Switch off the washing machine.
 Open the drain pump access panel.
Blocked drain outlet
If the drain outlet is blocked, there may
be a large quantity of water left behind
in the washing machine.
Risk of scalding due to hot suds.
Escaping suds will be hot if laundry
has been washed at high temperat-
Carefully allow all suds to drain off.
Draining the washing machine
Remove the drain filter, though not
 Place a suitable container under the
access panel, e.g. a universal oven
 Slowly unscrew the drain filters to let
the water out.
 Tighten the drain filters back up again
if you need to interrupt the flow of
Once the flow of water ceases:
 Remove the drain filters completely.

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