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Detergent; The Correct Detergent; Water Softeners; Dispensing Aids - Miele WDD320 SpeedCare 1400 Operating Instructions Manual

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The correct detergent

All detergents produced for automatic
washing machines are suitable. Follow
the manufacturer's instructions and
dosage recommendations on the pack-
For users in Asia:
please use a low foaming detergent
suitable for use in front-loading ma-
The right amount to dispense
will depend on the following:
– the soiling level of the load
– the quantity of the laundry
– the water hardness level.
Check with your local water supplier
if you do not know the hardness level
in your area.

Water softeners

A water softener can be used to cut
down on the use of detergents in areas
with water hardness levels II and III.
Dispense according to the amount spe-
cified on the packaging. First add deter-
gent and then the water softener.
You can then use the recommended
amount of detergent for water hardness
level I.
Water hardness levels
Hardness level
I (soft)
II (medium)
III (hard)
above 2.5
German scale
in mmol/l
0 – 1.5
0 – 8.4
1.5 – 2.5
8.4 – 14
above 14

Dispensing aids

Use dispensing aids, (e.g. balls) if these
are supplied with the detergent, particu-
larly when using liquid detergent.
Refill packs of detergent
When purchasing detergent buy refill
packs wherever possible. This helps re-
duce the amount of waste packaging.
Fabric conditioner and liquid
Fabric conditioner
makes garments soft to handle and
helps prevent static cling when tumble
stiffens and gives body to items of laun-
dry, e.g. shirts, tablecloths and bed

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