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Functions Operation; Monitoring Parameters - AEG AS-IC01-2 Series Installation Instructions Manual

Three-phase grid-tied solar inverter 12 kw to 30 kw
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Curve. The curve displays the power generation on the current day;
Current key parameters of the inverter: three lines of words are displayed at a time, but if the inverter is in
operation or stand-by state, the words are rolling forward in 3s interval. The user can press " " or " " to
look the desired information up;
5 inverter states;
4. Fault codes. If the inverter is in fault or warning state, up to 8 fault codes can be displaying on the screen.

5.4 Functions operation

Most of the parameters can be viewed and set through the LCD screen and operation panel.

5.4.1 Monitoring parameters

Press " " and " " in the main interface to select Monitoring Parameters ("Monit Param"), and then press "ENT" to
view the parameters shown in figure 18. Go the front or next window through " " and " " and return through "ESC".
Total power produced this day (E-tod)
Total power saved this day ($-tod)
Input power (P-in)
Output power (P-out)
Peak power (PpDay)
Grid voltage U (VoutU)
Grid voltage V (VoutV)
Grid voltage W (VoutW)
Grid current U (IoutU)
Grid current V(IoutV)
M a i n M e n u
M o n i t P a r a m
S e t u p
H i s t o r y
S y s t e m I n f o
S t a t i s t i c s
F a u l t I n f o
Figure 17: Main interface
C u r r e n t S t a t e
E - t o d : 0 W h
$ - t o d : € 0 . 0 0
P - i n : 0 . 0 0 k W
Figure 18: Monitoring parameters
Monitoring parameters (as visible from the LCD screen)
Grid current W (IoutW)
Grid frequency (Fgrid)
Power factor(pf)
Input V 1 (V-pv1)
Input I1 (I-pv1)
Input V2 (V-pv2)
Input I2(I-pv2)
Grounding resistor (Riso)
Leakage current (Ileak)
Temperature 1 (Tinv1)
Table 15B: monitoring parameters
Temperature 2 (Tinv2)
Total power consumption (E-tot)
Total time (h-tot)
Current date (Data)
Current time (Time)
First power-on time of today (Power ON)
First running time of today (Run Time)
Peak power time of today (Ppk Time)
Stop running time of today (Today OFF)
Stop running time of yesterday (Last OFF)



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