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Delivery And Installation - AEG AS-IC01-2 Series Installation Instructions Manual

Three-phase grid-tied solar inverter 12 kw to 30 kw
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1.2.1 Delivery and Installation

The product can cause a DC current to be generated in the external protective earth conductor. In
case of direct or indirect contact, a residual current-operated protective (RCD) or monitoring (RCM)
device is strongly recommend to be used for protection. Only a RCD or RCM of Type B is allowed on
the product's supply side.
Ensure that there is no electromagnetic interference from other electrical and electronic equipment
at the installation site.
Only use original parts and components. Do not unauthorizedly refit the inverter.
All the electric installation needs to be compliant with the national or local laws and standards.
The temperature of individual parts or the enclosure of the inverter –especially the heat sink– may
become hot during and due to normal operation. Avoid possible burns. Do not touch.
The inverter must be reliably grounded before operation.
Do not unauthorizedly open the inverter cover. The electrical parts and components inside the in-
verter are electrostatic. Take measurements to avoid electrostatic discharge during relevant opera-
Technical personnel (Operators) who can carry out installation, wiring, commissioning, maintenance,
troubleshooting and replacement of the AEG inverter series must meet the following requirements:
The Operator has to be professionally trained
The Operator must read this manual completely and master the related safety precautions
The Operator needs to be fully familiar with the composition and operating principle of the
whole grid-tied photovoltaic power generation system and related standards of the coun-
tries/regions where the installation / project is located.
The Operator must wear personal protective equipment.
AEG AS-IC01-2 series of grid-tied three-phase solar inverters are meant
to be deployed only with crystalline silicon solar modules.



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