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Grid-Tied Operation; Maintenance And Inspection - AEG AS-IC01-2 Series Installation Instructions Manual

Three-phase grid-tied solar inverter 12 kw to 30 kw
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1.2.2 Grid-tied operation

1.2.3 Maintenance and Inspection

Keep the package and unit complete, dry and clean during storage and delivery.
Due to product weight, lifting and installing the inverter requires two workers.
Lift and install the inverter with appropriate tools to ensure safe and normal operation and avoid
physical injury or death. Workers are also required to follow mechanical protective measures, such as
wearing protective shoes and work clothes.
Only qualified electricians are allowed to install the inverter.
Do not put or install the inverter on or close to combustible materials.
Keep the installation site away from children and public access.
Remove metal accessories such as rings or bracelets before installation and electrical connection to
avoid electric shock.
Cover solar modules with light-tight materials. When exposed to light or sunlight, solar modules will
generate potentially dangerous voltage and supply DC voltage to the inverter.
The inverter input voltage must not exceed the maximum input voltage, otherwise inverter damage
may occur.
The positive and negative pole of solar modules should not be grounded, otherwise irrecoverable
damage may occur. Ensure the proper grounding of the inverter; improper connection or no ground-
ing may cause the inverter to stop.
Ensure reliable installation and electrical connection.
Only qualified electricians are allowed to operate the inverter under the permission of local energy
authorities. All electrical connections must meet the electrical standards of the countries/regions in
which the installation / project is located.
Ensure reliable installation and electrical connection before operation.
Do not unauthorizedly open the inverter cover during operation. The electrical parts and components
inside the inverter are electrostatic.
Only qualified electricians are allowed carry out inverter maintenance, inspection and component re-
placement. If the product requires maintenance, contact the local dealer / your supplier.
Ensure that unauthorized third parties do not access the maintenance area during maintenance op-
erations. Secure the area by affixing temporary warning signs to dissuade third parties from entering
the area.



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