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Clearing Memory; Learning The Dtim Into The Panel - GE 60-874-95R Installation Instructions Manual

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Important !
Timing is the key to success
in step 6. Do not wait more
than 1 second between
tamper switch activations. If
you wait too long, the LED
will not flash and you must
start over. If you release the
tamper switch before the
LED is done flashing you
must start over.

Clearing Memory

It is strongly recommended that you clear memory on all newly installed panels before program-
Clear memory deletes all existing programming information and then resets the panel settings to
their default settings. The dealer code is not erased when panel memory is cleared.
To clear panel memory:
1. Press 8, and enter the dealer or installer code. The display shows
2. Press
twice. The display shows
3. Press #.
4. Enter the dealer or installer code to clear memory.

Learning the DTIM into the Panel

The Dialog Telephone Interface Module is a battery operated communication link between the
security system control panel and the central monitoring station. The DTIM receives radio sig-
nals from the panel, then uses the phone line to report security system events to the central moni-
toring station. See the Dialog Telephone Interface Module Installation Instructions (466-1849)
for complete installation instructions.
The DTIM uses a 3-2-1 tamper switch activation sequence
for learning, which causes the LED to blink in a correspond-
ing 3-2-1 sequence. You must wait for the LED to turn off
after each flash sequence before releasing the tamper switch
(see Figure 6).
To learn the DTIM into the panel:
1. Remove the DTIM cover and set it aside.
2. Install the antennas. (See the DTIM Installation Instruc-
Antennas must be installed and the DTIM should be at least 10
feet from the panel for learning.
3. With the system disarmed, enter program mode by press-
ing 8 + code.
4. Press
twice and # twice. The display shows
5. Locate the DTIM tamper switch and LED (see Figure 6).
6. Press and release the DTIM's tamper switch as follows:
a. Press 3 times, holding the tamper switch down on the third press until the LED flashes 3
times, then release after the third flash.
b. Immediately press 2 times holding the tamper switch down on the second press until the
LED flashes 2 times, then release after the second flash.
c. Immediately press and hold, then wait for the panel to beep once indicating it learned the
DTIM. Release the tamper switch.
7. Proceed to programming the rest of the panel or exit from program mode.
01 -
Figure 6. DTIM Tamper Switch and
LED Locations
Programming the Panel


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