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Time (1st Tier); Sensor Test (1st Tier); Phone Test (1st Tier); Volume (1st Tier) - GE 60-874-95R Installation Instructions Manual

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While the Sensor Test is a
valuable installation and ser-
vice tool, it only tests sensor
operation for the current condi-
tions. You should perform a
sensor test after any change in
environment, equipment, or
The DTIM and phone number
must be programmed before
the panel will display the
Phone Test option.
User Programing Menu Items

TIME (1st Tier)

(Default = 12:00 am, Parameters = 12:00 am to 11:59 pm)
This setting lets you adjust the panel's clock to the correct time. The panel uses a
12-hour clock.
To set the time:
1. Press # to display the time.
2. Enter the current time using numbered keys.
3. Use the arrow keys to select AM or PM.
4. Press #.

SENSOR TEST (1st Tier)

This setting lets you perform a manual sensor test to check that all the sensors are working
A DTIM and panel battery test are performed at the start of the sensor test. The panel will
display PHONE MODULE and beep once for every received transmission.
The panel will beep indicating the number of transmissions received, (see Table 6: "Sensor
"Tripping" Instructions," on page 26), and displays <
sor has been tested. For the first 10 to 20 seconds of test, the volume is set to a lower level.
Panel will automatically leave sensor test after 15 minutes. Warning beeps will sound the
last minute.
The panel will display
To run a sensor test:
1. Press # to display the sensor test (
untested zones, and beeps indicating the number of sensor packets received.
2. See "Testing Sensors/Zones" on page 26 for complete sensor testing information.
3. To trip a sensor, follow the instructions in Table 6.
4. To restart the list, press 1. This will also restart the 15 minute timer.

PHONE TEST (1st Tier)

This setting lets you perform a manual phone test to check the phone communication between
the panel and the central monitoring station.
To perform a phone test:
Š Press # to initiate a phone test. The panel will indicate if the test was successful or not.

VOLUME (1st Tier)

(Default = 0, Parameters = 0-5)
This setting allows the user to adjust the panel's status, auxiliary alarm, and arming level beep
volume. The volume can be set from 0 to 5, with 0 being the lowest volume.
To set the Volume:
1. Press # to display the current volume.
2. Press #, enter the desired volume level and then press #.
when all sensors have been tested.
). The display then scrolls through the
> +
to indicate the sen-


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