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Powering Up The Panel; Programming The Panel; Panel Keypad Button Programming Functions - GE 60-874-95R Installation Instructions Manual

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Be sure to run the battery
pack wires below the battery
and through the wire chan-
See "Appendix A: Trouble-
shooting" on page 28 if the
panel displays
the Panel

Programming the Panel

2. Slide the battery pack into the space provided on the back of the panel (Figure 5).
3. Plug the battery pack lead into the slot provided next to the wire terminals
(Figure 5).
4. Replace the panel housing on the back mounting plate and snap into place.
Verify the front door is in place before replacing the panel on the mounting plate. It is not possible to
attach the door after the panel is secured to the mounting plate.

Powering Up the Panel

After connecting and wiring all devices to the panel, you are ready to apply AC power to the
To power up the panel:
Plug the transformer into an outlet that is not controlled by a switch or ground fault circuit
interrupt (GFCI). Be sure to screw the top of the transformer onto the outlet so that it doesn't
fall out of the outlet.
If the DTIM is learned into the system (see "Learning the DTIM into the Panel" on page 6)
the panel displays
take approximately 5 minutes.
To eliminate the 5 minute wait, remove and replace the DTIM cover after powering up the
Allegro system.
Be careful when securing the transformer to an outlet with a metal cover. Hold the
cover tightly in place. You could receive a serious shock if the metal outlet cover drops
onto the prongs of the plug while you are securing the transformer and cover to the
outlet box.
If the panel does not display anything, immediately unplug the transformer and discon-
nect the backup battery. Refer to the "Troubleshooting" section.
This section describes how to navigate through the programming menus, clear memory, and learn
the DTIM into the panel. You can program the panel manually using the panel keypad on site.
Alternately, ToolBox
downloader software version 5.7 or later allows you to program remotely
via a modem and phone line. See "Downloader Programming" on page 25.

Panel Keypad Button Programming Functions

In program mode, panel keypad buttons let you navigate to all installer programming menus for
configuring the system. Table 1 describes the panel keypad button functions in program mode.
B y p a s s
Selects menu item or data entry (move to tier 2 program-
ming). Toggles between on and off whenever needed.
S e l e c t
Deselects menu item or data entry (if pressed before #).
S t a t u s
Returns to the tier 1 program menu.
B a c k
Scroll through available options at the current menu tier.
backup through the menus.
B y p a s s
Deletes options that can be deleted.
0 - 9
Enter numeric values wherever needed.
1 - 6
Press and hold to enter A-F in account numbers.
Press to enter a pause in phone numbers. Pause displays as
a "P".
Press and hold to enter "*" characters in phone numbers.
Press and hold to enter "#" characters in phone numbers.
while the panel and the DTIM sync up. This will
Table 1: Button Functions
Programming Function
to advance forward through the menus. Press


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