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Determine The Panel Location; Mounting The Panel - GE 60-874-95R Installation Instructions Manual

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Important !
The panel must be mounted
at least 10 feet from any
other panel or DTIM.
The wiring knockout is
approximately the same
width as a wall stud. If
mounting the panel to a wall
stud be sure you have
enough room to feed the
wires through the knockout.
Installing the System

Determine the Panel Location

Before permanently mounting the panel, determine panel location using the following guidelines:
Avoid running wires parallel with electrical wiring or fixtures such as fluorescent lighting, to
prevent wire runs from picking up electrical noise.
Mount the panel at a comfortable working height (about 45 to 55 inches from the floor to the
bottom of the panel).
Leave space above the panel for optional antenna plastic (min. 4 inches).

Mounting the Panel

Use the following procedure to mount the panel to the wall or wall studs.
You must be free of static electricity before handling circuit boards. Wear a grounding
strap or touch a bare metal surface to discharge static electricity.
To mount the panel:
1. Remove the panel from the back mounting plate by lifting the tab
located on the top and pulling back.
2. Remove the wiring knockout.
3. Feed all device wires through the knockout and place the back
mounting plate in position against the wall.
4. Level the back mounting plate and mark the top and bottom mounting holes.
5. Install anchors where studs are not present.
6. Partially insert a screw into the top mounting hole location then hang the back mounting plate
on the screw.
7. Recheck for level, insert the lower screw, and tighten both mounting screws.
8. Install the antenna. There are three antenna options to choose from:
• Standard Range- Leave the antenna as is.
• Extended Range - Attach the optional antenna housing (included in the accessory pack)
to the panel.
a.Push the antenna housing down into the top right hole of the panel until it snaps into
place (see Figure 2).
b.Remove the antenna loop from the last clip on the panel cabinet and insert it into the
antenna housing.
• Longest Range - Hang the antenna in the wall.
a.When you mark the back mounting plate's two mounting holes, also mark where the
antenna hole is (see Figure 2 for antenna wire hole location).
b.Where the antenna hole was marked, drill a hole into the wall.
c.Remove the antenna loop (see Figure 2) from the panel cabinet clips and feed through
the antenna hole and down into the wall.
Antenna Wiring
(Standard Range)
9. Place panel cabinet into back mounting plate and snap into place.
Push Down
Into Panel
6 0 8 7 4 9 5 g 0 2 a . d s f
Optional Antenna Housing
(Extended Range)
Figure 2. Antenna configurations
Figure 1. Tab location
Wire Hole
Wiring Hole (Longest Range)


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