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Status Channel = 8 (Alarm With Low Battery (Older 7620 Radio Only)); Status Channel = 9 (Installer Generated Test Message) - Honeywell AlarmNet 7810iR Installation And Setup Gude

Internet communication module
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7810iR Internet Communication Module Installation and Setup Guide
cccc 5555 5551 7
cccc 5555 5553 7

Status Channel = 8 (Alarm with low battery (older 7620 radio only))

NOTES: Each channel that displays these message types corresponds to a particular type
of event. Because there are eight channels, it is possible for multiple events to be reported in
multiple channels in only one message.
(Example: "cccc 1553 5155 8" indicates an alarm on zone 1, a restore on zone 4 and a low
cccc 5555 5555 8
cccc zzzz zzzz 8

Status Channel = 9 (Installer generated test message)

cccc 5555 5555 9
AC Loss
AC Loss Restore
Low Battery Massage
Low Battery with Reported Alarms
Alarm messages are identical to those reported when the
status channel is a "7". The "8" only indicates that a low
battery condition is also present. (Please refer to the
description of alarm messages for status channel of "7".)
For these radios, the low battery message will be
repeated when other trouble conditions are reported
(where the status channel = '6'). The low battery
message will be sent directly following the trouble
In addition, the low battery message will also be sent
when any alarm or restore is reported.
These radios do not have a specific Low Battery Restore
message. After a low battery condition is received, a
Low Battery Restore is implied when the next alarm or
Open/Close message is received with a '7' in the ninth
channel rather than an '8'.
System Test Message
Manually triggered test from the radio.
Test signal generated by an AlarmNet Network
Technician for a specific subscriber.
24-hour Network Acknowledgement of Subscriber Status
Note: for older 7620 and 7620ULF radios, Zone alarms
may also be sent at the same time as a test message.
These messages will be in the identical formats to those
alarms shown for Status Channel 5 or 8, except that the
status channel will be a 9.
Applies to
7620ULF only
7620ULF only
Applies to
7620 or
7620ULF only
7620 or
7620ULF only
Applies to


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