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Registration - Honeywell AlarmNet 7810iR Installation And Setup Gude

Internet communication module
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Section 4: Programming


Screen Display
1. Select Reg/Test tab. To Register 7810iR
with AlarmNet
2. The Please Register button text changes
to display Registering . In the top-most right
status box (there are seven status boxes on
the right of the screen), the Not Registered
text changes to Registration Sent OK
indicating that registration is in process.
3. Upon successful registration of the
7810iR, the Registration Sent OK status
bar changes to display Registered , the
Registering button changes to display Re-
Register and the Send Test Alarm button
becomes functional. Touch the Setup tab.
NOTE: If desired, a test alarm may be sent
at this time by touching the Send Test
Alarm button.
4. The status bar displays Registered ,
i ndicating AlamNet Registration is complete
and successful.
to return to the Home Screen.


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