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Status Channel = 7 (Alarm Condition) - Honeywell AlarmNet 7810iR Installation And Setup Gude

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Status Channel = 7 (Alarm condition)

NOTES: Each channel that displays these message types corresponds to a particular type
of event. Because there are eight channels, it is possible for multiple events to be reported in
multiple channels in only one message.
(Example: "cccc 1553 5555 7" indicates an alarm on zone 1 and a restore on zone 4.)
cccc zzzz zzzz 7
Zone Fault
z = zone number corresponding to the channel position
(1 – 8)
1 = new zone fault
2 = opening (system disarmed)
3 = zone restore
4 = closing (system armed)
5 = normal zone condition
6 = previously report zone fault
1234 5515 5555 7 indicates a new alarm on zone 3.
1234 5165 5555 7 indicates a new alarm on zone 2, with
a previously reported, un-restored condition still on zone
3. (i.e. The '6' in the third channel indicates that
previously, zone 3 had gone into alarm, was reported in a
message with a 1 in channel three, and remains
1234 5335 5555 7 indicates a restore on zones 2 and 3.
I.e. the conditions that caused the alarm on zones 2 and
3 have returned to a normal state.
Note: Sending restoral signals are optional in
1234 5525 5555 7 indicates an Opening message.
1234 5545 5555 7 indicates a Closing message.
Open/Close signals are typically sent via the Control
Panel's Dialer; however they may be optionally
programmed to be sent via the radio as well.
Open/Close messages will be sent on a particular
channel when the radio is programmed properly and
wired to the alarm control so that a signal is sent to the
radio when the alarm is Disarmed (Opening) or Armed
Note regarding the 7620ULF: Due to the fact that the
7620ULF is not a fire alarm control, supervisory faults
from the fire control panel may be used to trigger one or
more of the eight channels on the 7620ULF, and thus will
be reported as alarms. The central station should be
aware of which of the eight channels are actually
reporting supervisory conditions so alarm reports for
these channels can be responded to correctly.
Section 6: Message Formats
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