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Cleaning The Keyboard; Cleaning The Monitor; Cleaning The Mouse; Service Considerations - HP Compaq 6005 Pro Maintenance And Service Manual

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Cleaning the Keyboard

Follow all safety precautions in
To clean the tops of the keys or the keyboard body, follow the procedures described in
Computer Case on page
When cleaning debris from under the keys, review all rules in
on page 27
under the keys.
Visible debris underneath or between the keys may be removed by vacuuming or shaking.
Canned, pressurized air may be used to clean debris from under the keys. Caution should be
used as too much air pressure can dislodge lubricants applied under the wide keys.
If you remove a key, use a specially designed key puller to prevent damage to the keys. This
tool is available through many electronic supply outlets.
these keys are improperly removed or installed, the keyboard may not function properly.
Cleaning under a key may be done with a swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol and squeezed
out. Be careful not to wipe away lubricants necessary for proper key functions. Use tweezers to
remove any fibers or dirt in confined areas. Allow the parts to air dry before reassembly.

Cleaning the Monitor

Wipe the monitor screen with a clean cloth moistened with water or with a towelette designed for
cleaning monitors. Do not use sprays or aerosols directly on the screen; the liquid may seep into
the housing and damage a component. Never use solvents or flammable liquids on the monitor.
To clean the monitor body follow the procedures in

Cleaning the Mouse

Before cleaning the mouse, ensure that the power to the computer is turned off.
Clean the mouse ball by first removing the retaining plate and the ball from the housing. Pull out
any debris from the ball socket and wipe the ball with a clean, dry cloth before reassembly.
To clean the mouse body, follow the procedures in

Service Considerations

Listed below are some of the considerations that you should keep in mind during the disassembly and
assembly of the computer.
Chapter 5 Identifying the Chassis, Routine Care, and Disassembly Preparation
General Cleaning Safety Precautions on page 27
before following these procedures:
Use safety glasses equipped with side shields before attempting to clean debris from
Never remove a wide leveled key (like the space bar) from the keyboard. If
General Cleaning Safety Precautions
Cleaning the Computer Case on page
Cleaning the Computer Case on page
before cleaning the
Cleaning the


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