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Troubleshooting; Specifications - Walgreens WGNBPA-755BT User Manual

Premium arm blood pressure monitor
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If any abnormality arises during use, please check the following points:
Unit does not turn on when
Batteries have run down.
the START/STOP button is
Battery polarities (+/-) have been posi-
tioned incorrectly.
EE measurement error symbol
The UltraSoft™ Upper Arm Cuff has been
shown on display or the blood
positioned on the arm incorrectly.
pressure value is displayed
Did you talk or move during measurement? Keep arm steady during measurement.
excessively low (or high).
Shaking of the arm with the cuff on.
E1 error symbol shown on display.
Air circuit abnormality. Cuff tube may
not be plugged into monitor correctly.
E2 error symbol shown on display.
Inflation pressure exceeding 300
E3 error symbol shown on display. Error determining measurement data.
Bluetooth function is turned OFF, on
your mobile device.
Bluetooth function is turned OFF, on
the blood pressure monitor.
Mobile device does not pair with the
blood pressure monitor.
E4 - Data transmission error
symbol shown on the display.
The App on the mobile device is not open.
The blood pressure monitor and mobile
device are out of transmitting range.
Unexpected loss of electrical/
mechanical integrity.
EP error symbol shown on
System Error.
Note: If the unit still does not work, contact HoMedics Consumer Relations. Under no circumstance
should you disassemble or attempt to repair the unit by yourself. Contact information for
HoMedics Consumer Relations Department can be found on the warranty page.
Replace them with four new "AA" alkaline
Re-insert the batteries in the correct posi-
tions. See page 12.
Re-wrap the cuff properly so that it is posi-
tioned correctly. Take new measurement.
Measure again. Refer to "Measurement
Procedure" instructions, see page 21.
Check cuff connection. See page 18.
Take new measurement.
Switch the unit off and then turn back
ON. Take new measurement.
Re-wrap the cuff properly so that it is posi-
tioned correctly. Take new measurement.
Turn Bluetooth ON, on your mobile
device, and try again.
Turn the Bluetooth function ON, on your
blood pressure monitor (see page 15),
then try again.
Make sure Bluetooth is ON, on the mobile
device and the blood pressure monitor,
and try again.
Requires compatible mobile device. This
blood pressure monitor is compatible
with mobile devices that are running iOS
5.0 or newer, or Android
4.3 and newer.
For a complete list, go to
Make sure the app is open on the mobile
device, and try again.
Make sure the mobile device and blood
pressure monitor are within the acceptable
range of 32 feet (10 meters).
Make sure your last reading is stored in
memory and the App is open and try
again. See page 26.
Remove batteries, re-insert, and try again.
Return the device to your local distributor
or importer.
Remove batteries. After 1 minute, re-insert
the batteries. Take new measurement.


Four 1.5V DC "AA" alkaline batteries or 6V DC
Power Source:
AC adapter
Measurement Method: Oscillometric
Pressure: 40~280 millimeters Mercury (mmHg)
Measurement Range:
Pulse: 40~199 beats/minute
Pressure: ±3 mmHg
Pulse: ±5% of reading
Pressure Sensor:
Pump driven
Automatic Pressure release valve
Memory Capacity:
120 memories for each User (240 total)
Temperature: 41°F~104°F (5°C ~40°C)
Humidity: 15% ~ 93% RH
Temperature: -13°F~158°F (-25°C~70°C)
Humidity: Less Than 93% RH
0.87 lb (393 g) (without batteries)
Ultrasoft™ Upper Arm Cuff Size: 9"- 17"
Arm Circumference:
4.49"(L) x 6.02"(W) x 2.78"(H)
114mm(L) x 153mm(W) x 70.5mm(H)
(4) "AA" alkaline batteries, 6V DC AC adapter,
instruction manual
Internally Powered equipment
Type BF Equipment
IPx0-No special protection against the
ingress of water
Not suitable for use in presence of flammable
anesthetic mixture with air, oxygen or
nitrous oxide.
Continuous operation with short-time loading.
Follow instructions for use.
Note: These specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Table of Contents

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