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Measurement Procedure - Walgreens WGNBPA-755BT User Manual

Premium arm blood pressure monitor
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• This device should not be used when your arm is injured
or wounded.
• If it is not possible to fit the cuff on your left arm, it
can also be placed on your right arm. However, all
measurements should be made using the same arm.
• To use on the right arm, you must position the artery
symbol " " over the main artery. Locate the main
artery by pressing with two fingers approximately 1"
(2 cm) above the bend of your elbow on the inside of
your right arm. Identify where the pulse can be felt the
strongest. This is your main artery.
Main Artery


• Blood pressure changes with every heartbeat and is in
constant fluctuation throughout the day.
• Blood pressure measurement can be affected by the position
of the user, his or her physiologic condition and other factors.
Before Measurement
To help ensure an accurate reading, follow these instructions
before taking a measurement:
• Wait 1 hour after exercising, bathing, eating, drinking
beverages with alcohol or caffeine, or smoking to measure
blood pressure.
• Sit quietly and rest for 15 minutes.
• Stress raises blood pressure. Avoid taking measurements
during stressful times.
• Take your reading in a comfortable environment as
measurements can be affected by hot or cold temperatures.
Take your blood pressure at normal body temperature.
During Measurement
• Do not talk or move your arm or hand muscles.
• Do not cross your legs. Sit with feet flat on the floor.
• Do not touch cuff or monitor during measurement.
If you are using this blood pressure monitor for the first
time, please remove the protective film from the screen.

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Table of Contents

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