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HP 5830 Series Configuration Manual: Managing Configuration Files; Overview; Configuration Types

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Managing configuration files

You can use the CLI or the Boot menu to manage configuration files. This chapter explains how to
manage configuration files from the CLI.


A configuration file saves configurations as a set of text commands. You can save the running
configuration to a configuration file so the configuration takes effect after you reboot the device. You can
also back up the configuration file on to a host and download the file to the device as needed.

Configuration types

The configuration loaded at startup is called "startup configuration" and the configuration that is running
on the device is called "running configuration."
Startup configuration
The device uses startup configuration to configure software features during startup.
The following are sources of startup configuration:
Initial settings—Initial values or states for parameters. If the device starts up with empty
configuration, all parameters are set to their initial settings at startup.
Default configuration file—Contains factory defaults, which are product-specific default settings
that are different from initial settings. The file is included in the .bin software image file. If you do not
configure the device to start up with empty configuration or a startup configuration file, the device
loads the default configuration file to configure features at startup. If a parameter is not included in
the file, the device loads its initial setting.
Startup configuration file—Configuration file you specify in the Boot menu or CLI for startup. The file
is called the "next-startup configuration file." After the file is loaded at startup, it is also called the
"current startup configuration file." For high availability, you can specify two next-startup
configuration files, one main and one backup (see
No commands are available to display the initial settings. For more information about these settings, see
the "Default" section in the command references.
To display the product-specific default settings, use the display default-configuration command.
To display the current startup configuration file and the next-startup configuration files, use the display
startup command.
To display the contents of the main next-startup configuration file, use the display saved-configuration
command. This command does not display settings that have not been saved to the main next-startup
configuration file.
Running configuration
Running configuration includes startup settings that have not been changed and new settings you made.
It is stored in a volatile storage medium and takes effect while the device is operating.
New settings take effect immediately, but they must be saved to a configuration file to survive a reboot.
"Specifying a configuration file for the next


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