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Patch states

A patch is in IDLE, DEACTIVE, ACTIVE, or RUNNING state, depending on the patch manipulation
Patch manipulation commands include patch load (load), patch active (run temporarily), patch run
(confirm running), patch deactive (stop running), patch delete (delete), patch install (install), and undo
patch install (uninstall).
For example, if you execute the patch active command, patches in DEACTIVE state change to the ACTIVE
Figure 33
shows the patch manipulation commands and how they affect the patch state.
Patch state information is saved in a file named patchstate on the flash. To make sure the switch can
correctly find the patches, do not edit, delete, move the file, or change the file name.
Figure 33 Impact of patch manipulation commands on patch state
IDLE state
Patches that have not been loaded are in IDLE state. You cannot install or run these patches. In the
example in
The patch memory area supports up to 200 patches.
34, the patch memory area can load up to eight patches.


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