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Managing Configuration Files; Overview; Configuration Types - HP 6125G Configuration Manual

Fundamentals configuration guide.
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Managing configuration files

You can manage configuration files at the CLI or by using the Boot menu of the device. This chapter
describes the CLI approach.


A configuration file saves configurations as a set of text commands. You can save the running
configuration to a configuration file so the configuration takes effect after you reboot the device. You can
also back up the configuration file to a host and download the file to the device as needed.

Configuration types

The device has the following types of configurations: factory defaults, startup configuration, and running
Factory defaults
The device is shipped with some basic settings called "factory defaults." These default settings make sure
the device can start up and run normally when it has no configuration file or the configuration file is
Factory defaults vary with device models and might differ from the default settings of commands.
To view the factory defaults, use the display default-configuration command.
Startup configuration
The device uses startup configuration to configure software features during startup. After the device starts
up, you can specify a different configuration file for the next startup. This configuration file is called the
"next-startup configuration file." The configuration file that has been loaded is called the "current startup
configuration file."
If no next-startup configuration file exists, the device boots with the factory defaults.
To view the current startup configuration, use either of the following ways:
Execute the display startup command. To view detailed file contents, use the more command.
After the device reboots, execute the display current-configuration command before making any
Running configuration
Running configuration is stored in a volatile storage media and takes effect while the device is operating.
It includes startup settings that have not been changed and new settings you have made.
A new setting takes effect immediately after it is made but must be saved to a configuration file to survive
a reboot.
To view the running configuration, use the display current-configuration command.


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