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Pioneer XDJ-RX Operating Instructions Manual

Pioneer XDJ-RX Operating Instructions Manual

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The Pioneer DJ support site shown above offers FAQs, information on software and various other types of
information and services to allow you to use your product in greater comfort.
For inquiries on rekordbox™, please see the online support site indicated above.

Operating Instructions


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Summary of Contents for Pioneer XDJ-RX

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    DJ SYSTEM XDJ-RX The Pioneer DJ support site shown above offers FAQs, information on software and various other types of information and services to allow you to use your product in greater comfort. For inquiries on rekordbox™, please see the online support site indicated above.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents How to read this manual ! Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. Be sure to read both this manual and the Operating Instructions (Quick Start Guide). Both contain important information that you should understand before using this product.
  • Page 3: Before Start

    The unit is a DJ system integrating a DJ player and DJ mixer in a single taneously from cue points that have been set in advance by simply press- unit and carrying over the high operability of Pioneer’s DJ products — ing a button.
  • Page 4: Before You Start

    (iOS/Android) is installed via a USB device. for which the excess current has been detected. If you cannot return For the latest supported devices, see the below-mentioned Pioneer support DJ to the normal condition (cannot communicate) using the above- site.
  • Page 5: Preparing The Software

    Internet. About rekordbox rekordbox is a software program allowing users who have purchased a Pioneer DJ player supporting rekordbox to manage music files to be used for DJ performances. Music file can be managed in various ways (analysis, setting, creation, history saving) by using the music management software rekordbox.
  • Page 6: Connections

    Connections ! Connect the power cord after all the connections between devices have been completed. ! Be sure to turn off the power and unplug the power cord from the power outlet whenever making or changing connections. ! Refer to the operating instructions for the component to be connected. ! Be sure to use the included power cord.
  • Page 7: Basic Style

    ! This product is compatible with iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch (3rd, 4th, 5th generation). ! For the latest supported devices, see the below-mentioned Pioneer support DJ site.
  • Page 8 Using a wireless router and access points Mobile device on which rekordbox is installed rekordbox Computer Wireless router and access point Power cord To power outlet...
  • Page 9: Part Names And Functions

    Part names and functions 1 Power section (page 9 ) 2 USB device section (page 9 ) 3 Deck section (page 10 ) 4 Browse section (page 17 ) 5 Mixer section (page 23 ) 6 Effect section (page 25 ) Power section USB device section 1 u switch...
  • Page 10: Deck Section

    4 MASTER REC (WAKE UP) button 1 LOOP IN/4BEAT (IN ADJUST) button ! MASTER REC: This is used to record the sound output from the Use this to set and fine-adjust the loop in point. = Setting loops (p. 13 ) unit on a USB device inserted in the device insertion slot for USB2.
  • Page 11 h SYNC button Finding the beginnings of tracks (Track Synchronizes to the master deck’s tempo. Search) = Using the SYNC function (p. 16 ) i MASTER button Press one of the [TRACK SEARCH o, p] buttons. Use this to set the track loaded in this unit as the master for the beat Press the [p] to move to the beginning of the next track.
  • Page 12: Adjusting The Playback And Stopping Speeds

    Playing in reverse Adjusting the playback and stopping speeds When the quantize function is on, there may be a slight delay in opera- tion of this function in order to synchronize the beat. Use this to adjust the speed at which playback slows down and stops when the top of the jog dial is pressed and the speed at which normal Press the [DIRECTION, REV] button.
  • Page 13: Storing Cue Or Loop Points

     Setting loops automatically (4-beat Loop) Setting loops During playback, press the [LOOP IN/4BEAT (IN ADJUST)] This function can be used to play specific sections repeatedly. button for over 1 second. Loop playback interval cannot be set for a previous or next track. ! When the quantize function is on, there may be a slight delay in A loop of 4 beats starting from the point at which the button was pressed operation of this function in order to synchronize the beat.
  • Page 14: Using Hot Cues

     Calling out stored cue or loop points ! When the quantize function is on, there may be a slight delay in operation of this function in order to synchronize the beat. ! A hot cue which has already been recorded in the Performance 1 Connect the USB device to this unit.
  • Page 15: Using The Slip Mode

     Slip pausing Using Loop Slice 1 Press the [VINYL MODE] button. Loop Slice divides a loop into four sections, and plays the specified sec- Set the jog mode to VINYL. tion intervals repeatedly while the Performance button is pressed. 2 Press the [SLIP] button.
  • Page 16: Using The Sync Function

     Slip reverse ! At the point 4 beats after hot cueing began, the slip hot cue mode is automatically canceled and normal playback of the sound that was playing in the background resumes. 1 Press the [SLIP] button. The mode switches to the slip mode. 4 Release your finger from the Performance button.
  • Page 17: Browse Section

    b Main unit display Browse section = Main unit display (p. 18 ) c BACK button ! Press: The screen moves back to the layer above. = Moving back up to a higher layer (p. 20 ) ! Press for over 1 second: Press for over 1 second to move to the top layer.
  • Page 18: Main Unit Display

    Main unit display Normal playback screen 1 Information display section e Cue point, hot cue point and loop point display The enlarged waveform analyzed with rekordbox, etc., is displayed The positions of cue points, loop points and hot cues are displayed here.
  • Page 19: Browsing Tracks

    p QUANTIZE (For deck) Setting auto cue This is displayed when the quantize function of the deck operation is ON. When a track is loaded or the track search operation is performed, the = Using quantize function (p. 28 ) silent section at the beginning of the track is skipped and the cue point is automatically set at the point immediately before the sound starts.
  • Page 20: Other Browsing Operations

     Description of the screen — When there is rekordbox library information on the USB device: That medium’s free space and used space, as well as the num- ber of tracks, number of playlists and last modified dates in the library information —...
  • Page 21: Editing Tag Lists

     In the letter jump mode Storing the playing history 1 Display a list sorted in alphabetical order. 1 Connect the USB device to this unit. Display a list sorted in alphabetical order, such as the rekordbox library or the track list on a USB device. 2 Play tracks.
  • Page 22 ! When folders are added while in the folder browse mode, tracks for which ID3 tags, etc., have not been loaded a single time are regis- tered using the file name as the track name. The artist names are not registered.
  • Page 23: Mixer Section

    3 Press the [MENU (UTILITY)] button. 1 Load a track. [LIST MENU] is displayed. 2 At the normal playback screen, press the [INFO] 4 Use the rotary selector to select and enter [TAGLIST button. MENU]. The track’s details are displayed. [TAGLIST MENU] is displayed.
  • Page 24: Adjusting The Sound Quality

    4 MIC (OFF, ON, TALK OVER) indicator Adjusting the sound quality This indicator lights up when the microphone is ON, and flashes when the talk over function is ON. = Using a microphone (p. 24 ) Turn the [HI], [MID], [LOW] controls for the respective channels.
  • Page 25: Effect Section

     Adjusting the sound quality 5 TAP (AUTO) button Switches the BPM measurement mode. — AUTO mode: The BPM is measured automatically from the audio Turn the [MIC EQ (HI, LOW)] control of the [MIC] channel. signal being input. The [AUTO] mode is set when this unit’s —...
  • Page 26: Types Of Beat Effect

     Types of BEAT EFFECT Inputting the BPM manually Effect Descriptions Parameter Name Tap the [TAP (AUTO)] button at least 2 times in rhythm A delay sound is output once Number of beats: 1/8 to 16/1 with the beat (in quarter notes) of the sound being according to the beat frac- TIME: 1 msec to 4 000 msec played.
  • Page 27: Operation

    Operation Turning the power on 3 Turn the rotary selector. Move the cursor and select the item. ! Press the rotary selector to move to a lower level in the folder. Press 1 Make all the connections, then plug the power cord the [BACK] button to return to the level above.
  • Page 28: Mixing Using The Faders

    6 Operate [DECK 2]. To output the sound of channel 1 [CH1] While checking the sound over the headphones, adjust the tempo of [CH2] track to match the tempo of [CH1] track. To output the sound of [CH2] (channel 2), replace [CH1] with [CH2], [DECK 1] with [DECK 2] and [PHONO1/LINE1] with [PHONO2/LINE2] in 7 While moving the [CH2] channel fader to the back, the procedure below.
  • Page 29: Changing The Settings

    MASTER ATT –6 dB, –3 dB, 0 dB* Sets the master output attenuator. = Changing the [MIXER MODE] (p. 31 ) MIXER MODE XDJ-RX*/MIDI CONTROL LANGUAGE — Sets the main unit display’s language. LCD BRIGHTNESS 1, 2, 3*, 4, 5 Sets the main unit display’s brightness.
  • Page 30: Using The Dj Software

    3 Click the icon of the driver software to download the driver software from the download page. ! For information on installing the driver software, see the Pioneer DJ ! If the buffer size is made large, drops in audio data (breaks in the support site.
  • Page 31: Operating Dj Software By Midi Interface

    3 Turn the rotary selector, select the mode you want to set, then press the rotary selector. — [XDJ-RX]: The sound is mixed by using the mixer section of the unit. — [MIDI CONTROL]: The sound is mixed within the DJ software.
  • Page 32: Additional Information

    Sometimes the problem may lie in another component. Inspect the other components and electrical appliances being used. If the problem cannot be rectified, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized service center or your dealer to carry out repair work. ! The unit may not operate properly due to static electricity or other external influences. If this happens, normal operation can be sometimes restored by removing the power cord after turning the power off, and turning the power back on after inserting the power cord into the power outlet.
  • Page 33: Error Messages

    When this unit cannot operate normally, an error code appears on the display. Check the table below and take the measures indicated. If an error code not shown on the table below is displayed, or if the same error code is displayed again after taking the indicated action, contact your store of purchase or a nearby Pioneer service station. Error code...
  • Page 34: List Of Icons Displayed On The Main Unit Display Section

    ( ! Compatibility with this product may be lost if a version other than the one indicated on the Pioneer support DJ site is installed on your iPod/iPhone. ! Note that Pioneer does not offer any guarantee regarding the operation of iPod/iPhone.

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