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Bowflex BXT216 Assembly & Owners Manual page 29

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Connectivity with the "Bowflex Trainer™" Fitness App
This fitness machine is equipped with Bluetooth
vices. The Software App syncs with your fitness machine to track total calories burned, time, distance, and more. Records and stores every workout
for quick reference. Plus, it automatically syncs your workout data to Bowflex Connect™, MyFitnessPal
make hitting your daily calorie goal easier than ever! Track your results and share with friends and family.
1. Download the free Software App, named the Bowflex Trainer™ Fitness App. The software app is available on iTunes
2. Follow the instructions on the Software App to sync your device to your exercise machine.
To upload your workout file to the Bowflex Connect™ website, and then MyFitnessPal
1. Select the Options tab in the upper left corner of the Software App, and click on "Settings".
2. Select the "Bowflex Connect" option. Sign in to your account or create a new account. To create a new account, click on the "Create New Ac-
count" and follow the instructions.
3. To sync your workouts, click on the "Bowflex Connect" option, and then the "OK" button.
Note: The Bowflex Connect™ website will automatically sync your workouts after the initial syncing.
4. To sync your workout data from your Bowflex Connect™ account with MyFitnessPal
program and login with your information.
Note: The Bowflex Connect™ website will automatically sync your workouts after the initial syncing.
An information and common questions guide for the Software App can be found online at
Track Your Results at with a USB Flash Drive
This fitness machine is equipped with a USB Port and can export your Workout Results to a USB Flash Drive to be uploaded to the Bowflex Con-
nect™ website, and then to MyFitnessPal
the USB Flash Drive to a computer and upload the file to your Bowflex Connect™ account.
Note: USB Flash Drives must be formatted in FAT32 for proper functionality.
1. From the Power-Up screen, push the User button to select the desired User Profile.
2. Insert the USB Flash Drive into the USB Port on the Console.
3. The Console will display "SAVING TO USB", and then "DO NOT REMOVE". The current User Profile will begin to flash, showing the Workout
Results are being exported to the USB Flash Drive. Do not remove the USB Flash Drive until the User Profile does not flash and the Console
displays "REMOVE USB".
Note: If the Workout Results on the USB Flash Drive are current, the Console will not export the file again. As more workouts are completed,
the Console will take longer to export all of the Workout Results. For longer exports, the Console will display an export status count (
exported workouts / total number of workouts ).
4. When the export is complete the User Profile will stop flashing, the Console will display "USB COMPLETE", followed by the "REMOVE USB"
prompt. It is now safe to remove the USB Flash Drive.
5. The Console will display the Power-Up Mode screen.
If a Workout is completed with a USB Flash Drive already inserted, the Console will not export the new Workout Results until the Console exits
the Results mode and displays the Power-Up Mode screen.
connectivity and can wirelessly sync with the "Bowflex Trainer™" Fitness App on supported de-
and Under Armour
Connected Fitness. With the Workouts exported from the fitness machine, connect
Assembly / Owner's Manual
and Under Armour
or Under Armour
, and Under Armour
Connected Fitness to
and Google Play™.
Connected Fitness:
Connected Fitness, click on the desired

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