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Programming The Gsmvlp4G Module; Using The Alarmnet Direct Website; Using The 7720P Programming Tool - Honeywell GSMVLP4G Installation And Programming Manual

Gsm module with 2-way voice
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10. Connect the provided shielded audio cable between the GSMVLP4G module and the PC board and
route the cable as shown in Figure 4.
11. Snap the control front assembly to the back plate.

Programming the GSMVLP4G Module

The GSMVLP4G Module can be programmed through the following methods:
The AlarmNet Direct website
Use of a 7720P Programming Tool

Using the AlarmNet Direct website

To program the module via the website (if you are already signed up for this service), go to:
If you are not signed up for this service, click on "Dealer Sign-Up". Log in and follow the on-screen
prompts. Please have the following information available when programming the module:
Primary City ID (two-digit number)
Primary Central Station ID (two-digit hexadecimal number)
Primary Subscriber ID (four-digit number)
MAC ID and MAC CRC number (located on the outside of box and on the GSMVLP4G)
After programming is complete, you must transfer the data to the GSMVLP4G and the module
must be registered. Refer to the Registration section for further instructions.
Using a 7720P Programming Tool
Connect the 7720P Programming Tool as shown in Figure 5. The GSMVLP4G powers the 7720P
Programming Tool via the programming jack. Each key of the 7720P has two possible functions: a
normal function and a Shift function.
To perform a normal key function, simply press the desired key.
To perform a Shift function, press the [shift] key, and then press the appropriate key.
The prompts in this document reflect use of the 7720P Programming Tool. Table 1 lists each normal
and shift key function.
Figure 5 – 7720P Connection
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