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Setting Up The Remote Access Feature; Enabling Remote Access; Selecting The User Interface - Honeywell GSMVLP4G Installation And Programming Manual

Gsm module with 2-way voice
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Setting up the Remote Access Feature

Remote Access enables the user to remotely control the security system using a standard web browser.

Enabling Remote Access:

Remote Access must be enabled during account programming on the AlarmNet Direct website by
selecting "Enabled" at the Remote Access prompt.
A keypad address of "1" must be enabled in the GSMVLP4G in order for the device to communicate
with the control panel.

Selecting the User Interface:

This option is selected during account programming from the AlarmNet Direct website and follows the
"Keypad Address" prompt. In the "Keypad Type" prompt, select "LYNX Keypad".
Remote Access
Keypad Address
(24 Hours)_
Old Alarm Time
(10 Minutes)_
GSM Flt Time
(00 mins)_
[Y], [N]
• 30 Day
• 24 Hour
• None
• 10 Minutes
• 15 Minutes
• 30 Minutes
• 1 Hour
• 2 Hours
• 4 Hours
• 8 Hours
• 12 Hours
• 24 Hours
[00] = not used
– 12 –
Press [Y] to allow the end user to access their
system via a website. Availability of this
service is controlled by the dealer via the web-
based programming tool on the AlarmNet
Direct website.
NOTE: This prompt will only appear if the Remote
Access feature has been enabled.
Must be programmed if using the Remote
Access feature. Enter the appropriate device
NOTE: This address must be set to "1".
The AlarmNet network must hear at least one
supervisory message from the module during
this supervision period; otherwise, AlarmNet
notifies the central station that a
communication failure has occurred. (If the
supervision period is changed after
registration, you must re-register the module.)
Press the [space] key to scroll through choices.
UL NOTE: Must be 24 hour.
The old alarm time sets how long an
undeliverable alarm is retried for delivery to
the central station. If the message is not
validated, it is retried until the old alarm time
is reached or the message is validated.
Press the [space] key to scroll through choices.
UL NOTE: Must be 10 minutes.
In the event the module detects a
communication path failure, enter the time
delay (in minutes) before the module notifies
the control panel with a trouble message. The
control panel can then notify the central
UL NOTE: Must be one (01) minute.


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