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Gsmvlp4G Module Kit; Installing The Gsmvlp4G Module; Opening The Lynx Plus Or Readyguard Plus Series Control - Honeywell GSMVLP4G Installation And Programming Manual

Gsm module with 2-way voice
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GSMVLP4G Module Kit

This kit contains the following components:

Installing the GSMVLP4G module

1. Disconnect power from the control, including the battery, BEFORE installing the GSMVLP4G
2. CAUTION: ESD SENSITIVE DEVICE. To discharge any static buildup, briefly touch a chassis
ground point before installing this module. Avoid performing this installation while standing
on a carpeted floor.
Opening the Lynx Plus or ReadyGuard Plus Series Control and Installing GSMVLP4G
Install the appropriate FCC/IC label (provided) on the control's back case as shown on Figure 2.
WARNING: The antenna(s) used for this transmitter must be installed to provide a separation
distance of at least 7.8 in (20 cm) from all persons and must not be co-located or operating in
conjunction with any other transmitter except in accordance with FCC multi-transmitter product
Exposition aux Fréquences Radio: L'antenne (s) utilisée pour cet émetteur doit être installée à une
distance de séparation d'au moins 7,8 pouces (20 cm) de toutes les personnes.
Figure 1 – GSMVLP4G Kit Components
Figure 2 – FCC/IC Label location
RF Exposure
Mise en Garde
– 4 –
Affix the appropriate FCC
"Contains Transmitter Module"
label over the top portion of the
control's FCC label. Use the label
that matches the LYNX FCC ID
found on the Control's label.


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