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Gsm module with 2-way voice
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The GSMVLP4G and GSMVLPCN4G are optional communication modules intended for use with Lynx
Plus Series/ReadyGuard Plus Series controls, and provide wireless communication with the AlarmNet
network for backup delivery of alarm and other messages to the monitoring central station. The
modules also support voice communications between the control panel and the Central Station.
The GSMVLP4G and GSMVLPCN4G are collectively referred to as GSMVLP4G throughout this
Honeywell's GSMVLP4G cellular communication module transmits signals via the cellular network to
AlarmNet, which forwards them to your Central Station. If the cellular data network is unavailable,
the GSMVLP4G will attempt to send the transmission via SMS (Short Message Service).

System Features

Quick connection to compatible Lynx Plus Series/ReadyGuard Plus Series control panels.
Simple programming using a 7720P programming tool or via the AlarmNet Direct Website.
Reports fire, burglary, and status messages via GSM.
Allows uploading and downloading of control panel data via GSM.
Uses 2-way ECP communication with the control.
Enables two-way voice (AAV) communication between the control and central station via GSM.
Sends reports in Contact ID format.
Supports remote control of alarm system via Remote Services Feature.
Fully powered (primary and backup battery) from the control.
The GSMVLP4G provides the following types of supervision and module fault detection:
Network communication failure: In the event the AlarmNet network does not hear a
supervisory message from the module within a specified time ("Supervision" option, 24 hours,
30 days, or none), AlarmNet notifies the central station of a communication failure.
Communication path failure: In the event the module detects a communication path failure,
the control panel can be notified of a trouble condition with the module after a specified time
has elapsed.

Remote Services Features

The Remote Services Features can only be used with Lynx Plus Series/ReadyGuard Plus Series
controls Revision 16 or later. Multi Mode (E-mail notification) is intended as a convenience for the
user, and does not replace Central Station reporting of critical events (alarms, troubles, etc.).
Remote Services allow the end user to communicate with their Security System remotely via several
features. Availability of this service is controlled by the dealer via the web-based programming tool on
the AlarmNet Direct website. Once enabled, the specific programming fields associated with these
features can be programmed either remotely using the AlarmNet Direct website or locally using the
7720P Programming Tool. These new web services will allow users to:
Receive e-mail and text message notification of system events (Multi-Mode feature)
Access their security system from a computer via a website (Remote Access feature)
Perform system functions and receive confirmations using text messages (SMS feature)
The GSMVLP4G module requires an AlarmNet account. For new installations, please obtain the
account information from the central station prior to programming this module.
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