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Setting Up The Multi-Mode Feature; Enabling The Multi-Mode Feature; Configuring Multi-Mode - Honeywell GSMVLP4G Installation And Programming Manual

Gsm module with 2-way voice
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Exit Prog. Mode?
Device Mode

Setting up the Multi-Mode Feature

Multi-Mode enables users to receive e-mail notification of system events. Since the communication
device is emulating a 4204 or two 4204 modules, there is no additional hardware to install.
E-mail notification is intended as a convenience for the user, and does not replace
Central Station reporting of critical events (alarms, troubles, etc.).

Enabling the Multi-Mode Feature

Multi-Mode must be enabled during account programming on the AlarmNet Direct website by
selecting "Enabled" at the Multi-Mode prompt.

Configuring Multi-Mode

The communication device emulates one or two standard 4204 relay modules for purposes of triggering
events for sending e-mail reports. If "4204 Sourced" is selected, you must enable Multi-Mode Address 6
or 7 in Lynx Plus/ReadyGuard Plus Series Programming Field *86. If "2-4204 Sourced" is selected, you
must enable both. When "4204 Sourced" is selected, the user can be notified of up to four events, and
when "2-4204 Sourced" is selected, the user can be notified of up to eight system events. The Multi-
Mode Address must match the address of the e-mail trigger module enabled in the Lynx
Plus/ReadyGuard Plus Series control panel in Field *86.
Events used to send e-mail messages are defined on the Honeywell Total Connect website, and must
correspond to (e-mail) event triggers programmed in the control panel as events 09-16 in field *80
Device Programming Menu Mode.
Multi Mode
Multi Mode Addr
[Y], [N]
• 4204 Emu
• Two 4204s
• Disabled
• 4204
• 2-4204
• Enhanced
– 10 –
Exits program mode.
Press [N] to go back to Prompt 3.
Press [ESC] to load factory defaults.
Refer to the Exiting Programming Mode
paragraph in this section.
Press the [space] key to scroll through the
modes of operation. Press [ENTER] to select
ECP mode.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not select any other mode.
Enable if you want system events sent by e-
mail to the user. Select "4204 Sourced" to send
up to four events, or "2-4204 Sourced" to send
up to eight events; "Enhanced Reports" to send
full status of the panel for Total Connect 2.x
support. Disable for normal alarm processing
and go to Prompt 13 "Primary City ID"
prompt. Press the [space] key to scroll through
NOTE: This prompt will only appear if the Multi-Mode
feature has been enabled.
This address must be programmed if using the
Multi- Mode (e-mail notification) feature. The
device address must be unique from the
normal Device Address and the Keypad
Address used for Remote Access. If the Multi-
Mode setting is "Enhanced Reports", the


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