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Replacing An Existing Module Using The Programming Tool; Register By Phone - Honeywell GSMVLP4G Installation And Programming Manual

Gsm module with 2-way voice
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Displayed if this is a repair/replacement, or an error was made in programming
Registration BAD
the Primary account information of GSMVLP4G for an existing account. This
Pri ID – Need PIN
prompt appears for 2 seconds. See the Replacing an existing module section
below for further displays.

Replacing an existing module using the programming tool

This prompt appears after pressing the down arrow [↓] on the 7720P. Enter a
Enter PIN#
4-digit alphanumeric PIN number provided by your central station, your dealer
or an authorized AlarmNet representative.
NOTE: If you are replacing an existing "C Series" radio, you can enter the last four-digits of
Press the [ENTER] key.
The registration message is sent and the unit waits for acknowledgement.
Registering ...
If the PIN is valid, the new GSMVLP4G is registered and the old unit
unregistered. Additionally, AlarmNet sends a substitution alarm to the central
If you entered an invalid PIN, the appropriate message is displayed depending
Registration BAD
on which account number is being replaced (see above for exact wording). The
registration process is repeated.
NOTE: Each attempt causes a substitution alarm to be sent to the central station.

Register by Phone

You can register the module by calling the AlarmNet Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at 1-800-222-
6525 (Option 1).
You will need the following information:
MAC number (found on the label).
Subscriber information (provided by the central station), including a city code, CSID, and
subscriber ID.
When instructed to do so, enter the Installer Code and OFF on the Lynx Plus control to initiate the
the "C Series" MIN number.
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