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Mounting The Camera To The Ceiling Mount Bracket - JVC KY-PZ100WU Instructions Manual

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Mounting the Camera to
the Ceiling Mount Bracket
Be sure to put on protective glasses to protect
your eyes from falling objects when mounting
the camera.
Be sure to place the base of the camera
horizontally. The camera will not operate
properly if it is slanted.
Memo :
The ceiling mount bracket is not necessary
when the camera is installed on a desktop or
attached to a tripod.
If necessary, make a hole (Φ40 mm) to route the
connection cable and fall prevention wire
(ceiling) into the ceiling.
Caution :
The fall prevention wire (for ceiling) is not
supplied. Make use of the wire while taking note
of its length, strength, pull and material
Attach the fall prevention wire (ceiling) to a place
with sufficient strength (ceiling slab, etc.).
Take note of the length, strength, pull and
material (insulation) of the fall prevention wire
(for ceiling) and use one with a wire strength of
150 N (15 kg) or more.
The inner diameter of the ring section of the fall
prevention wire (ceiling) mounted on the camera
should be above Φ3 mm but below Φ4 mm, the
outer diameter should be Φ9 mm and below, and
the thickness 2 mm and below.
1 Fix the fall prevention wire (camera) to the
ceiling mount bracket using the screw
(M2.6) provided.

Mounting the Camera to the Ceiling Mount Bracket

2 Place the supplied template against the
ceiling, and fasten the ceiling mount
bracket with four screws (M4 wooden
screws: Φ4.1).
Prior to mounting, check the "FRONT" mark
on the ceiling mount bracket to ensure that it
is facing the same direction as the front of the
Check that the screws are tighten securely
when mounting is completed.
Caution :
The fall prevention wire (camera) is designed
exclusively for hanging this product. Do not load
anything other than this product.


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