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JVC KY-PZ100WU Instructions Manual page 13

Hd ptz remote camera
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microSDHC/microSDXC Cards
o "microSDHC/microSDXC card" is referred to as
"microSD card" in this manual.
o This camera recorder saves the recorded images
and audio sound to the microSD card (sold
separately) that is inserted into the card slot.
o If the microSD card contains files recorded by
devices other than this camera recorder or files
that are saved from a PC, the recordable time may
be shorter or data may not be properly recorded.
In addition, the remaining space on the card may
not increase even when files are deleted using a
* Using cards other than those from Panasonic,
TOSHIBA or SanDisk may result in recording
failure or data loss.
Handling of microSD Cards
o Do not remove the microSD card during data
access (such as recording or formatting). And, do
not turn off the power or remove the AC adapter
during access.
o Do not use or store the microSD card in a place
that is subject to static electricity or electrical
o Do not place the microSD card near locations that
are exposed to strong magnetic fields or radio
o Inserting the microSD card incorrectly may result
in damage of this unit or the microSD card.
o We are not liable for any accidental loss of data
stored on the microSD card. Please back up any
important data.
o Make use of the microSD card within the
prescribed conditions of use.
Do not use it at the following locations.
Places that are subject to direct sunlight, high
humidity or corrosion, places near thermal
equipment, sandy or dusty places, or in a car
under the sun with the doors and windows closed.
o Do not bend or drop the microSD card, or subject
it to strong impact or vibration.
o Do not splash the microSD card with water.
o Do not dismantle or modify the microSD card.
o Do not touch the terminals with your hands or with
a metal object.
o Do not allow dust, dirt, water, or foreign objects to
adhere to the terminals.
o Do not stick any label or sticker.
o Do not use a pencil or ballpoint pen to write on the
microSD card. Always use oil-based pens.
o If you format (initialize) the microSD card, all data
recorded on the card, including video data and
setup files, will be deleted.
o You are recommended to use cards that are
formatted (initialized) on this camera recorder.
The microSD card may be damaged if the
camera recorder is not functioning correctly.
Formatting (Initializing) the microSD may allow
it to operate correctly.
microSD cards that have been formatted
(initialized) on another camera, computer or
peripheral equipment may not function
correctly. In this case, format (initialize) the
microSD card on this camera recorder.
o If you want to discard the microSD card by
completely erasing the data inside, we
recommend either using commercially available
software that is specially designed for that
purpose or physically destroying the microSD
card with a hammer, etc. When formatting or
erasing data using the camera recorder, only the
file administration information is changed. The
data is not completely erased from the microSD
o The microSD card may pop out when it is being
ejected from the slot. Be careful not to lose the
Zoom Operation
o The following phenomena are the results of the
built-in lens performance and are not
When manual operation or preset is selected,
focus moves slightly after the zoom operation
has stopped near the TELE end.
The zoom operation is not smooth during
manual operation.
When Preset is selected, the camera becomes
out of focus for an instant during zooming.


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