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JVC KY-PZ100WU Instructions Manual page 15

Hd ptz remote camera
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o An afterimage can appear if you view a moving
object on the monitor output, however this is not a
o Do not insert objects other than the memory card
into the card slot.
o Do not put anything into the camera unit.
Metal and flammable items entering from the
connectors can result in fire or electric shock.
o Do not turn On/Off the power or remove the
supplied AC adapter during recording.
o The camera recorder may not show stable
pictures for a few seconds immediately after the
power is turned on, but this is not a malfunction.
o Do not drop this unit or subject it to strong impact
or vibration as it is a precision equipment.
o Optical performance of lens
Due to the optical performance of the lens, color
divergence phenomena (magnification chromatic
aberration) may occur at the periphery of the
image. This is not a camera malfunction.
o Noise may appear in the image when switching
o Use the supplied AC adapter for the power supply
(DC 12 V). Do not use the supplied AC adapter on
other devices.
o This camera recorder makes use of fonts by
Fontworks Inc.
o This camera recorder makes use of M+FONTS.
Before starting an important recording, be sure
to perform a test recording in order to confirm
that a normal recording is possible.
We shall not be liable for the loss of recordings
or opportunities in the event that recording could
not be performed due to a problem that arises
during the use of the video camera or recorder.


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