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JVC KY-PZ100WU Instructions Manual page 29

Hd ptz remote camera
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Cannot connect to
wireless LAN.
Wireless LAN connection
is disrupted.
The images and audio
sound during live
streaming are choppy.
Unable to start recording. The recording mode is not
The actual recording time
is shorter than the
estimated time.
The clips cannot be
uploaded to the FTP
Wireless LAN is not correctly
The passphrase is incorrect.
Wireless LAN connection is subject
to disruption due to the surrounding
The encoding bitrate configured is
too high for the transfer speed of the
network in use.
supported by the microSD card.
[Clip Server] is not correctly
The size of the recorded clip has
exceeded 64 GB.
An FTP transfer error message is
Check the mode of connection and
method of setting ([SSID] and
[Passphrase] in cases other than "WPS").
Even if the passphrase is wrong,
"Completed the Setup Wizard. Please
Input the Passphrase into Your Device."
may appear in the wizard setting
depending on the type of encryption.
Adjust [Passphrase] again.
Wireless LAN connection may be
disrupted depending on the environment.
Change the usage environment.
Depending on the type of network
adapter used and the connection,
streaming may not be possible with the
encoding bit rate specified. Please
reduce the encoding bit rate.
Use a microSD card that supports the
recording mode.
The recordable time may be shorter
depending on the shooting conditions or
the subject.
Adjust the [Clip Server] settings.
The maximum size of the recorded clip is
64 GB. If a file size limit is set in the FTP
server settings, set the size limit to more
than 64 GB.
Take the necessary actions according to
the "List of FTP Transfer Errors".


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