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Software License Agreement - JVC KY-PZ100WU Instructions Manual

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Software License
The software embedded in the Product (hereinafter
the "Licensed Software") provided by
JVC KENWOOD Corporation (hereinafter the
"Licensor") is copyrighted to or sublicensable by
the Licensor, and this Agreement provides for the
terms and conditions which Users shall follow in
order to use the Licensed Software. The User shall
use the Licensed Software by agreeing with the
terms of this Software License Agreement. This
Agreement shall be deemed completed at the time
the User (hereinafter the "User") initially used the
Product in which the "Licensed Software" is
The Licensed Software may include the software
which has been licensed to the Licensor directly or
indirectly from any third party. In such case, some
third parties require the Users to follow their
conditions for use separately from this Software
License Agreement. Such software shall not be
subject to this Agreement, and the Users are urged
to read the "Important Notice concerning the
Software" to be provided separately.
Article 1 General Provision
The Licensor shall grant to the User a non-
exclusive and non-transferable (other than the
exceptional case referred to in Article 3, Paragraph
1) licensed to use the Licensed Software within the
country of the User (the country where the User
bought the Product (hereinafter the "Country")).
Article 2 License
1. The license granted under this Agreement shall
be the right to use the Licensed Software in the
2. The User shall not duplicate, copy, modify, add,
translate or otherwise alter, or lease the Licensed
Software and any related documents, whether in
whole or in part.
3. The use of the Licensed Software shall be limited
to personal purpose, and the Licensed Software
shall not be distributed, licensed or sub-licensed
whether it is for commercial purpose or not.
4. The User shall use the Licensed Software
according to the directions described in the
operation manual or help file, and is prohibited to
use or duplicate any data in a manner violating the
Copyright Law or any other laws and regulations by
applying whole or a part of the Licensed Software.
Article 3 Conditions for Grant of License
1. When the User transfers the Product, it may also
transfer the license to use the Licensed Software
embedded in the Product (including any related
materials, updates and upgrades) on condition that
no original, copies or related materials continue in
the possession of the User, and that the User shall
cause the transferee to comply with this Software
License Agreement.
2. The User shall not carry out reverse engineering,
disassembling, decompiling or any other code
analysis works in connection with the Licensed
Article 4 Right pertaining to the Licensed
1. Any and all copyrights and other rights pertaining
to the Licensed Software and related documents
shall belong to the Licensor or the original holder
of the right who granted to the Licensor the license
or sublicense for the Licensed Software
(hereinafter the "Original Rightholder"), and the
User shall not be entitled to any right other than the
license granted hereunder, in respect of the
Licensed Software and any related documents.
2. The User shall, whenever the User uses the
Licensed Software, comply with any laws relating
to the copyright and other intellectual property
Article 5 Indemnification of Licensor
1. Neither the Licensor nor the Original Rightholder
shall be liable for any damage incurred by the User
or any third party due to the exercise of the license
granted to the User under this Agreement, unless
otherwise restricted by law.
2. The Licensor will offer no guarantee for the
merchantability, convertibility and consistency with
certain objective of the Licensed Software.
Article 6 Liability to Third Party
If any dispute has arisen with any third party due to
an infringement upon a copyright, patent or any
other intellectual property right that was caused by
the User's use of the Licensed Software, the User
shall settle such dispute at the User's own cost and
hold the Licensor and the Original Rightholder
harmless from any inconvenience it may cause.
Article 7 Confidentiality
The User shall keep the confidentiality of such
portion of the Licensed Software, related
documents thereof or any other information to be
granted under this Agreement, as well as the
conditions of this Agreement as has not yet entered
the public domain, and shall not disclose or divulge
the same to any third party without approval of the

Software License Agreement



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