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Important Notice Concerning The Software - JVC KY-PZ100WU Instructions Manual

Hd ptz remote camera
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Important Notice
concerning the Software
Software License Attached to the Product :
The Software embedded in the Product is
composed of several independent software
components, and in each of such individual
components (hereinafter the "Licensed Software"),
a copyright of either JVC KENWOOD Corporation
(hereinafter "JKC") or a third party subsists.
The Product uses the software component
designated in the End-User License Agreement
that was executed between JKC and a third party
(hereinafter "EULA").
The Licensed Software covers those
corresponding to free software, and, as a condition
of distribution of the software component in
executable format which is based on the license
granted under the GNU General Public License or
Lesser General Public License (hereinafter "GPL/
LGPL"), it requires an availability of the source
code for the relevant component. Please refer to
the following URL concerning the distribution of the
source code;
Please note that we are unable to answer any
inquiry relating to the contents, etc. of the source
code. In addition, the Licensed Software includes
the software developed or created independently
by JKC and there exists an ownership of JKC in
such software and any accompanying documents,
which is protected by the Copyright Law, any
international treaties and other applicable laws. As
to matters concerning the handling by JKC of the
software components, please refer to the
"Software License Agreement" attached hereto.
Please note that any software component licensed
under "EULA" which is not subject to "GPL/LGPL",
and those developed or created independently by
JKC shall not be subject to the requirement for
provision of the source code. The software
component distributed under "GPL/LGPL" shall be
licensed to users without charge, and, therefore, no
warranty is given for such software component,
either express or implied, within the scope of the
applicable laws and regulations. Unless otherwise
permitted by applicable laws and regulations or
agreed in written form, none of the owners of the
copyright or persons entitled to alter or redistribute
the software component under the said license
shall have any liability for any type of damage or
loss resulting from the use of or inability to use such
software component. For further details of the
conditions of use of such software component or
matters required to be complied with, please refer
to the relevant "GPL/LGPL".
Users are urged to read the details for the relevant
license carefully before using the software
component covered by "GPL/LGPL" and
embedded in the Product. Since the terms and
conditions of individual licenses are provided by
parties other than JKC, the original English version
will be displayed by the Product.
A Start up Live View.
B Open the [MENU] tab and click the [MENU]
button to display the camera menu.
C Select [Main Menu] B [System] B [System
Information] B [Open Source License].

Important Notice concerning the Software



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