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Precautions - JVC KY-PZ100WU Instructions Manual

Hd ptz remote camera
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Installation Location
o Be sure to install the camera horizontally.
Storage and Usage Locations
o Allowable ambient temperature and humidity
Be sure to use this unit within the allowable
temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C and a relative
humidity of 30 % to 80 %. Using this unit at a
temperature or humidity outside the allowable
ranges could result not only in malfunction but also
serious impact on the CMOS elements as small
white spots may be generated. Please exercise
care during use.
o Strong electromagnetic waves or magnetism
Noise may appear in the picture or audio and/or
the colors may be incorrect if this unit is used near
a radio or television transmitting antenna, in
places where strong magnetic fields are
generated by transformers, motors, etc., or near
devices emitting radio waves, such as
transceivers or cellular phones.
o Use of wireless microphone near this unit
When a wireless microphone or wireless
microphone tuner is used near this unit during
recording, the tuner could pick up noise.
o Inadequate heat ventilation may result in
malfunction of this product. Be sure not to block
vents around the product. This product discharges
heat from the surface of the main unit.
o Do not install it at locations directly subjected to
cold air such as near the vents of air-conditioners
or at locations with high temperature.
o Avoid using or placing this unit in the following
Locations beyond the allowable operating
humidity range of 30 %RH to 80 %RH.
(Condensation is not allowed)
Near equipment that emits strong magnetic
fields, such as transformers or motors.
Near equipment that emits radio waves, such as
transceivers and mobile phones.
Locations with excessive dust and sand.
Locations that are subject to vibration such as
inside the car or ship.
Locations prone to moisture such as window
Locations subject to steam or oil, such as
Special environment, such as those with
combustible atmosphere.
Locations that are subjected to radiation, X-
rays, salt attack or corrosive gases.
Locations where chemicals are used such as
swimming pools.
Hot or cold places that are beyond the allowable
ambient operating temperature range.
o Do not throw away the original box of the unit.
Keep it and use it for transporting the unit in future.
o The camera unit is designed to be rotated easily,
secure the camera unit such that it does not rotate
before transporting. Otherwise, an error may
occur during camera operation.
A Face the lens upward, and secure the lens unit
and the camera head with tape.
B Secure the camera head and the base at multiple
positions with tape.
Carrying the Camera
o Do not drop or hit this unit against a hard object
when transporting.
o Remove the connecting cables when transporting
the unit.
o When transporting the unit, turn off the power of
the system.
o Pack the unit with cushioning material so as to
avoid shock when transporting.
o Handle the unit with care and do not subject it to
vibration or shock.
Power Saving
o If the camera is not to be used for a long time, turn
off the power of the system for safety and energy
conservation reasons.
o Turn off the power before performing any
o Wipe the external cabinet of the unit with a soft
cloth. Do not wipe the body with benzene or
thinner. Doing so may cause the surface to melt or
turn cloudy. When it is extremely dirty, soak the
cloth in a solution of neutral detergent, wipe the
body with it, and then use a clean cloth to remove
the detergent.


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