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Device Packs; Phone Configuration Files; Related Documentation; Cisco Wireless Ip Phone 882X Series Documentation - Cisco 8821 Administration Manual

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Your Phone

Device Packs

The Cisco Unified Communication Manager Device Pack contains device configuration capabilities for the
phones. Many phone features require the latest device package to be installed on the Cisco Unified
Communications Manager. If you do not install the device pack, the new phone features do not work.
A device pack introduces new phone types to Cisco Unified Communication Manager. The pack installs the
firmware and the configuration files needed to enable features on your phone. New features may be turned
off by default and they have attributes or settings that must be configured.
To find which device packs are available for your Cisco Unified Communications Manager version and phone,
go to:

Phone Configuration Files

Configuration files for a phone are stored on the TFTP server and define parameters for connecting to Cisco
Unified Communications Manager. In general, any time you make a change in Cisco Unified Communications
Manager that requires the phone to be reset, a change is automatically made to the phone configuration file.
Configuration files also contain information about which image load the phone should be running. If this
image load differs from the one currently loaded on a phone, the phone contacts the TFTP server to request
the required load files.
If you configure security-related settings in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, the
phone configuration file will contain sensitive information. To ensure the privacy of a configuration file, you
must configure it for encryption. For more information, see the documentation for your particular Cisco
Unified Communications Manager release. A phone requests a configuration file whenever it resets and
registers with Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
A phone accesses a default configuration file named XmlDefault.cnf.xml from the TFTP server when the
following conditions exist:
• You have enabled autoregistration in Cisco Unified Communications Manager
• The phone has not been added to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager database
• The phone is registering for the first time

Related Documentation

Use the following sections to obtain related information.

Cisco Wireless IP Phone 882x Series Documentation

Refer to publications that are specific to your language, phone model, and call control system. Navigate from
the following documentation URL:
Cisco Wireless IP Phone 8821 and 8821-EX Administration Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager
Device Packs



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