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Nokia Mediamaster 9828 Owner's Manual: About The Digital Transmission; Connecting To The Tv Aerial

Nokia satellite receiver owner's manual.
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About the digital transmission

Digital Radio and TV signals can be blocked by buildings, moun-
tains and the terrain. Depending on if the receiver is located in a
depression in the ground, behind a mountain or in a concrete
building, the quality of reception may vary considerably.
A digital signal can be "boosted" if reflections of it (from e. g. a
building) are added to the original signal.
Reflections can be used for reception by directing the aerial to-
wards a mountain or a high building, providing that they do not
block the transmitter.
As with most other transmissions, bad weather does affect the
reception quality negatively.

Connecting to the TV aerial

You can connect the Mediamaster to the following type of aerials:
1. Standard outdoor aerial
Where possible, use an outdoor roof aerial intended for receiv-
ing UHF channels between 21 and 69.
Please note the following:
• In some block of flats, the roof-mounted aerial system includes
a filter and channel selector. If so, the aerial will probably not
work with the Mediamaster. Please consult the landlord.
• Many older roof-mounted aerials may only receive a limited
number of channels. As a result, digital channels transmitted
on higher frequencies are difficult or even impossible to re-
ceive. The problem can be solved by replacing the roof aerial.
• Some outdoor aerials are directed towards an analogue trans-
mitter. The aerial must be directed towards a digital TV trans-
• It is not always advisable to position the aerial as high as pos-
sible. If problems arise, experiment with different aerial
2. Indoor and window-mounted aerials
This type of aerial may be enough if the reception conditions are
very good. If an indoor aerial is used, please note the following:
• Use an aerial for UHF channels 21 - 69, such as a directional
• Place the aerial by the window and directed towards the TV
transmitter, if possible.
• An aerial with an amplifier is recommended as it may provide
a stronger signal.
• The strength of the TV signal varies according to reflections
from e. g. buildings. The signal penetrates thick stone or con-
crete walls poorly. However, a wooden building is not a big bar-
rier to digital TV signals.
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