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Nokia Mediamaster 9828 Owner's Manual: Problem Solving

Nokia satellite receiver owner's manual.
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The display on the front panel does
not light up/is not lit.
No sound or picture, but the front
panel shows the time or - - : - -.
Bad picture/blocking error.
The front panel shows a channel
number, but you can't see anything
from digital TV.
When the Mediamaster tries to find
and store channels during the first
installation, a message 'no channels
found' is displayed or some chan-
nels are missing from the channel
Pressing "0" does not switch be-
tween a digital channel and an ana-
logue channel.
There is interference on your digital
terrestrial channels, an existing ter-
restrial channel or video channels.
You can't find all the channels you
think should be available.
There is no Welcome menu on the
screen after you switched on the
Mediamaster for the first time.
GB 30
Possible causes
Mains cable is not connected.
The Mediamaster is in standby
Signal to weak.
The Mediamaster is not set in TV
The SCART connection has been
made wrong or your TV has not se-
lected the correct AV/EXT channel.
The aerial is not properly connected
to the Mediamaster.
The aerial is not pointing in the right
The aerial is not suitable for digital
The indoor aerial is not enough.
There are no digital transmission.
The system is not connected by
SCART leads.
The system is RF connected but
the TV is not tuned to its channel
for digital terrestrial TV.
The system is connected by RF
leads and the output channel of the
Mediamaster interferes with an ex-
isting terrestrial channel or video
The signal to your aerial may be
Your aerial may need adjusting or
your local transmitter may not be
The system is connected by SCART
leads and the TV is not in AV/EXT
The system is connected by RF
leads and the TV is not set to the
channel tuned for digital terrestrial
What to do
Check that the mains cable is
plugged in to the power socket.
Press the standby button or any
number button to bring the
Mediamaster out of standby.
Check if the aerial works for
analouge reception.
If your system is connected by
SCART leads, press 0. If this does
not work, set the TV to its appropri-
ate AV input. If your system is con-
nected only by RF leads, set your TV
to that channel you have tuned for
digital terrestrial TV.
Check SCART connections, making
sure leads are firmly pushed into the
sockets. Try manually selecting the
AV/EXT channel on your TV.
Check the aerial connector and the
aerial installation.
Check if you can see the analouge
Check that the aerial is pointing in
the right direction.
Check that the digital transmission
are available in the aerea.
The TV Release function (0) will only
work for SCART connected systems.
Change the Mediamaster output
channel to a more suitable channel
between 21-69. Or connect the sys-
tem by SCART leads.
Try retuning your Mediamaster, fol-
lowing the relevant steps in this
manual. If you are still missing chan-
nels, your aerial may need adjusting.
Contact your dealer or Service Pro-
vider. They will check this for you.
If the system is connected by
SCART leads, switch the TV to ap-
propriate AV input.
If the system is connected by RF
leads, switch the TV to the channel
for digital terrestrial TV. If you have
not manually tuned in the TV you
may do this first. Please look in the
TV manaul for instructions.


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